Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just checking off my list

Shelf up in playroom. Check.

Turn this:

Into this:

Despite how nice a gallery wall looks, it is an absolute pain to hang up. Even though I used the wax paper method I read about here,
I wasn't careful with my measurements - so my husband tells me. So after pounding a couple of nails in the wall, we opted for Command Strips. Expensive, but wall preserving.
Of course, once I got the whole thing up I realized that the whole thing is about 2-3 inches too high. But unless it starts to bother me a lot, it stays where it's at! Hopefully once I get the cabinet top decorated and some pictures in those frames, it wont look so off.

2011 - we're off to a productive start!

P.S. I'm aware of the big "holes." I'm planning on filling that space with something other frames, and it that doesn't work out, I have a few extra frames!

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  1. Did you buy all those frames at one place? Or collect them? It's a wonderful idea. I would love to do that!