Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is it because it's Spring (finally)...

...or because of yesterday's post that I have butterflies on the brain? Either way they're fun to look at!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Butterfly Collages

Butterflies never seem to get old. I've been seeing these punched butterfly collages around the web world and just borrowed some punches to make one of my own. I'm envisioning a large one for above my daughters bed. I love the straight, simple lines.

But I also love a scattered look, too!

What a perfect DIY for your little girl or someone else's. And if you use thrifted or old frames and a stack of magazines a pretty cheap one, too!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Painted Vinyl Floor

I suffer from what I call design ADD. Meaning that I often think about and engage in more than one design project at a time which not only means that I usually have several half finished projects around the house, but I also tend to lose sleep over a good idea. So despite the fact that I have a half painted bathroom, mirrors waiting to be hung, chairs to be sanded, painting and reupholstering to do I am already scheming about my laundry room.

It's a small, dark space which has caused me to (against my usual preference) want to paint it white. Bright white walls, white shelving and cabinetry, with pops of color in the accessories and a colorful rug. But I also want to paint the floor. There's no way it can be replaced any time soon, so I've decided painting is the way to go. Here are some great examples of what you can do with a vinyl floor, paint, and a little bit of elbow grease.

{Beautiful Nest}

{found on Apartment Therapy}

{found on}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration board - Baby's nursery

Yesterday I received some surprising news (more on that later) that necessitated me putting my nursery on hold - for a little bit. I don't think I can resist not doing something. But to curb my disappointment I went to Olio Boards and made an inspiration board to lay out my plans for the room.

I'd like to paint the room a gender neutral color, like Behr's French Grey. It's a very cool bluish grey and I love it. I want to use yellow and vintage pieces to warm up the space. The mirror above the crib is almost exactly like one I bought at HomeGoods last month for $10 on clearance. I have plans to paint it a bold, golden yellow. I love that bird mobile and was going to make my own version. I may still make one, but it will be slightly different so it can transfer to a big girl room and be hung on the wall. Yellow chevron curtains. I have a vintage chair that is a golden color. The chair is amazing and would look even more amazing in a teal! But reupholstering wont happen until it finds it's final destination.

I actually have that exact same mirrored cabinet in my living room. It comes in three separate pieces and the middle, largest, piece was damaged in the first shipment. They sent another and told me to keep the damaged piece. I wasn't sure what to do with it until my friend's husband said he could fix it. He did an amazing job and it currently holds my baby's clothes. I want to hang a picture collage above the dresser using classic and modern art, include a letter B, and a plate from my grandmother's china collection.

If you've never tried Olio Boards - you must! But watch out - it's addicting!