Monday, August 1, 2011

Clock Makeover and Alphabet Letters

Out of neccessity I've decided to teach a little preschool this school year. I just couldn't find one for my daughter, but really wanted her to do one. I was looking at my playroom the other day deciding what I needed to get done in there to have it ready for preschool, when I decided that a clock would be good.

Inspiration struck. I took this clock I picked up from my MIL's donation pile:

I removed the hands, coated it in spray adhesive and laid it face down on a map I had tucked away in a drawer.

After smoothing any air bubbles out, I turned it over and with an exacto knife cut around the clock.
(I had a picture of this, but somehow it got deleted and I'm not at home to put the picture back in!)

Once the clock was cut out and the adhesive dry I gave it a light coat of homemade modge podge. You can make your own modge podge by mixing water and glue. Use less water for a thicker, shinier coat and more for a thinner coat.

I made my glue very watery. I didn't want it super shiny, I just wanted to seal the paper and make it a little stiffer to withstand sanding.

Once the modge podge is dry take a light grit sand paper and smooth off any jagged edges. After sanding I added numbers - I don't like to guess the time! I used vinyl numbers that allowed me to easily peel off and reposition the numbers. My MIL gave me the number sheets, but I think they are the kind you use on mailboxes.

And here is the final product:

The pictures aren't the greatest - I get horrible lighting in there :) But I have to say I LOVE how it turned out.
Even better - I used a map from where I grew up. See that lake? I swam there every summer.

Not only do I have a really cute clock, I also have a letter "O" to add to my wall!

I never thought it would take so long to gather letters. Using some things I had in my craft closet I was able to make two more letters.

Some extra fabric and canvas from a long ago art project.

Add a vinyl letter "Y":

More extra fabric, used canvas, and a wood "D":


(I stretched the fabric over the canvas and hot glued it in place. I also hot glued the "D" on.)

Only six more letters to go!