Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Francophiles rejoice

I just discovered Les Invasions Ephemeres (online, not the store because that would mean that I have recently been in France, and, well, sadly I have not been*).
This store seems to encompass all that is whimsical and charming and is definitely worth a look.

I am sort of madly in love with the Bremen Town Musician Height Chart. Regrettably, it is not offered online. So I am scheming on how I could create my own...

In other news my downstairs bath is under way! First coat of paint was applied Saturday, new light fixture has been pruchased, mirror is in the works, and gold hardware is getting a coat of paint. This week I am waiting patiently for my wood graining tool to arrive in the mail and working on my family entry.

* I have to take that back, kind of. Some further browsing on the site found that they have stores in the States. One in Sacramento, which is where I am from. I am most certainly going to take a peek when I am there this Fall!)

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