Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wallpaper and Stencils

When I was a kid I hated wallpaper. To me it was the ugly stuff that my mom picked out to put in the room my sisters and I shared. And somehow I was the only one that ended up helping her put it. If I had to stare at it while falling asleep shouldn't I at least have some say it what it looked like? Apparently my mom did not think so.
I grew up thinking that wallpaper was an outdated design tool with small flowers and subdued colors. Or eagles. That's another story. I just knew it definitely was not for me.

Oh design world you are changing my mind! Wallpaper is full of pattern and color.
It's bold and new

It can be used to accent a wall and had texture to a room.

It can be art.

But for a commitophobe like me wallpaper presents one challenge - permanency. Not to mention it's often expensive price tag. The perfect solution? Stencils! Thanks to a wide variety to large scale stencils you can create the look of wallpaper with the ease of paint.
Three Men and a Lady's stenciled bathroom ceiling. Pretty amazing!

And my favorite? This look was created using a gold sharpie! Seriously.

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