Monday, August 16, 2010

A Word About Art

{Children's Art}

When it comes to great art for children's rooms we often don't have to look any farther than our own bookshelf, or local library. What better way to adorn your children's walls than with the stories they love?

Lisbeth Zwerger has long been a favorite illustrator of mine. She famously illustrates classic children's tales and poetry. Her water colors are breath taking and have a magical quality to them.
The Wizard of Oz

The Little Mermaid

The Bremen Town Musicians

The Princess and the Pea

My new favorite is an illustrator by the name of Pamela Zagarenski, who recently illustrated a book of poetry by Joyce Sidman.

Some of this art will definitely be gracing the walls of my playroom. The only question is how do I choose?

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  1. found your blog via centsational girl - great rug idea!!! i am a huge fan of children's books (being an elementary school teacher helps feed the habit!) and one of my all time favorite illustrators is Jane Ray. she does beautiful work and there is a fairy tale book that has some metallics mixed in. it's a favorite gift for new mommy friends :) good luck choosing your favorite art! i say load up frames with a few prints and rotate as the mood strikes!