Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Displaying Children's Art

Displaying your children's artwork is a wonderful way to add color and design to a child's space. Not to mention a great way to boost their self esteem!
If your kids are like mine then you probably have a plethora of original art to choose from.

Painted gold frames adds a classic twist to juvenile art.

I had this idea to do over my eldest bed: A random collage of art.

This fabulous idea for collage poster sized art comes from Eleni Interiors.

pictures via here

Wanting to add my children's art to their playroom, but wanting to utilize things I already had, I headed to my storage closet (also known as my husband's closet!). I found these collage frames and painted them white.

Several years ago I started scanning my children's art as a solution to the large pile of art that was accumulating. Going through my files of saved art I chose 18 favorites and had them developed. For a few dollars I had something fun and personal for their space. They love it!

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  1. So cute, Sarah! What a great idea! You need to link these wonderful ideas up!