Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My house so far - a sneak peek

Okay, so I've been in this house for a year and not much has happened in terms of decorating. However, the last couple of months I've been able to do a little, and, for me that is really exciting!
The Living Room and Dining Room
I have done the least (apart from the bedrooms) in these two rooms. But I have plans...very big plans...

The Family Room
This room is actually coming together pretty well. Apart from the wall color being a little bluer than I wanted and our old-totally-not-my-style-yet-serviceable couches, I like it. I was hoping to get new couches in the next year or two, but when I found yet another sippy cup of milk leaking on my couch the other day, I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt to wait a little longer!

The Playroom
This is the room that I have been wanting to do the most. Kids wont play where they aren't comfortable! So when my husband was out of town for a week I conducted what my friend called "stealth decorating." My MIL came over and we spent all day putting this room together. It is almost done, too.


  1. Hi! I found your blog via The Censational Girl. I love your style! We have very similar tastes, especially when it comes to playrooms. I have saved some of the exact same pics for inspiration :)
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  2. I love your turquoise and red pillow. do you mind sharing where you got it?