Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hand Dyed Chevron Rug Tutorial

I have been coveting chevron rugs in a major way, but could not find one in my price range. When I looked online to see what other people were doing for alternatives, all I could find were tutorials for painting the rugs. That did not make me excited. Wouldn't the paint make it stiff? Then inspiration struck - if the rugs are fabric couldn't you just dye it? The answer? YES!!

List of supplies:
1. RIT liquid dye
2. Squirt bottle
3. Rug
4. LOTS of rags
5. Cardstock or cardboard to make stencil (or pre-made stencil)
6. painters tape
Step 1: After you've purchased your rug and selected your dye color, put a small amount of dye in a squirt bottle and add water. TEST the saturation first on a rag until you get the desired hue.

Step 2: using the card stock or cardboard make your stencil
Step 3: Using the painters tape and stencil begin taping off the pattern onto your rug. BEWARE: take into account the space taken up by the tape and measure accordingly.

Step 4: Begin dying. I squirted the dye directly on the carpet using the rags to cover the parts I didn't want dyed and to blot the dye for even coverage.

The finished product!

The wonderful thing about this is that the carpet feels and looks like it came this way. Extra bonus: it dries fast and if you have a light colored rug some diluted bleach can erase any mess ups! The best thing? With stencils you can really create any design in any color.


  1. Great tutorial ! Lovely outcome, who would have thought ? Very inspiring DIY!


  2. Nice work! Did you have to rinse the dye at all to ensure it's set?

  3. WOW, I am impressed! You make it look relative easy, and I guess I could practice on a small sample rug first.....thanks for the idea.

  4. This is wonderful! I have been looking at rugs since I need to replace the one in my living room. I am LOVEing this idea!

    Can you please tell me where you got your rug?

  5. I love this project!! So cute & looks easy too. Bravo for trying this out. And I adore the color you used too. Found you from Kate's!

  6. WOW! I would have never believed you could get such clean lines with tape! Amazing...and now I have a new project in my "to try" file. Thanks!

  7. I am in l-o-v-e with this project. If I may ask, what type of rug did you use? Was it wool or synthetic as I would think that would affect the dying process. But in any case, I am totally gaga for this project. Thank you.

  8. this is genius. i painted a black rug with white chevron stripes but it now feels painted. seriously, so smart. i would do it this way FOR SURE next time. thanks!

  9. It's cute that it kinda looks like grass stain color :)

  10. I too am wondering what type of rug you used -- wool or synthetic, and also how did you set the dye so it won't come off on feet, socks, etc. It is beautiful and has definitely sparked some creative nerves within me. :o)

  11. Thank you for going before us with this courageous project. I have thought of doing this myself and now thanks to you, will try it.


  12. What a fabulous idea. I'm not sure I would have had the nerve, but am totally impressed with the results.

  13. i'd like to try this. it seems like the results are much nicer than paint. good idea and thanks for sharing.

  14. What a brilliant idea! I so love how this turned out!

  15. FANTASTIC IDEA! That rug turned out absolutely wonderful! :) Great job!

  16. Hello again dear friend!

    Thanks for humoring me and linking up to my link party. ;)- I love ya!

  17. A couple questions:
    What fiber type is your rug?
    Has it faded or spread any yet, or might you expect it to?

  18. I've wondered if this was possible. So glad someone tried it so I can see! Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.