Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Count Down

My oldest has been asking that age old question - How many days 'till Christmas? - so I decided it was time for our family to have a Christmas count down. I considered the paper chain, the advent calendar, but those things are good for one time and I like things that last. Inspired by the Land of Nods adorable felt garlands, I decided to make felt mittens to count down the days.

Using the felt I had on hand, I cut out and decorated some mittens to help us count down the days. I want to have numbers on them, but my free hand felt ones weren't looking so good, so I'm hoping to find some precut ones online some where.
I wanted to have the mittens hanging on a rope, but I couldn't find any. One more thing to ask the hubby to do! Although, I have a feeling it's in the drawers in the garage that are being blocked by the armoir that still hasn't been painted...so the rope may have to wait until next year!

I also plan on sewing around the edges to give the mittens a more finished look. Not as cute as I would have liked, but my kids are happy and love taking a mitten down every day - so it works for me!

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