Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bathroom Woes

So I've been tackling a few projects around my house in preparation of hosting a family luncheon that just happened this weekend. One of the biggest projects was our downstairs bathroom. With it's many (at least 8) walls and awkward angles I wanted to do something bold and graphic on the walls. Something that would be the "art" and camouflage all those angles. My big idea? Wood grain. I loved pictures I'd seen of rooms done with faux bois wallpaper. Since I can't afford that I figured I'd buy a wood graining tool and create my own faux bois look. Oh, how that failed! The guy at Home Depot told me it would work on textured walls, just look "a little different." Which in reality translated to looks like someone scratched their nails through the paint.Next, I tried making my own geometric type stencil, but that only worked for a little bit before the pattern didn't line up. That's when I gave up. I'm taking a break from the bathroom this month. I'll revisit it in March. Hopefully with some fresh ideas. I'd share pictures but I forgot to take some, but since I accidentally deleted all the pictures on my camera it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Sigh.

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