Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York Public Library

I've already posed the idea of searching books for art. Now the New York Public Library has made it even easier to do just that. They've made certain books available for viewing online, with an option to print pages directly from your computer (which I took to mean I good click and save as well). I found the easiest way to look through the books was to type a subject into the search engine. I found beautiful pictures ranging from butterflies (I have three girls, afterall), to shells, to pictures of where my husband and I first met.

A whole series of butterfly ladies.

An old invitation to a party at an Ohio Hotel. I love a little whimsy.

There are several of these shoe pictures, which I see hung as a series in a little girl's room.

These trees are very specific to the central California coast, which just happens to be where my husband and I met. Sigh. Would it were possible that we could live there still...

Happy browsing!

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