Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Update - A Couple of Before and Afters

My upstairs bathroom is almost done! I only need to paint some hooks and dye the rug, which I'm hoping to get done after we get back from our week vacation (leaving for the beach tomorrow!). Here are some before and afters:

Cute elephants I picked up for a couple of dollars on clearance - but the brassy finish clashed with the yellow walls.

A couple coats of spray paint later:

This step stool has seen better days before my daughter put stickers all over it:

Goo Gone, a rubber scraper, paint, and lots of tape later:

I have to say I love how the step stool turned out! I didn't want to worry about evenly space lines, so I decided to randomly space them and make them different sizes. I like this so much better!


  1. Love this! Great job Sarah!

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