Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Entry

Every home needs a command center. The place where everything gets written down, pinned, and collected - mail, bills, homework. Despite its narrow dimensions, I decided to make our garage entry the command center for our family. It's where we enter the house, so it's naturally a good dumping place.

Several months ago I dyed a rug for the entry, and the last few months I've been working on somethings to further help organize the space.

Fabric lined, hanging file folders for mail and homework.

And a bulletin board for messages, the calendar, and things I want to remember.

I took the bulletin board out of my playroom and gave it an easy makeover with some chalkboard paint and scrapbook stickers.

It may get it's frame painted, but I'm in no hurry to decide that.

I also removed the key hooks from our old and unused mail holder and screwed them into the bulletin board. I love that I can deposit keys and mail right when I walk in the door.

I used a black permanent marker to clean up my edges.

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